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The Hidden Tower Audio Complete

The Day – 9-16-20

I had a quiet day yesterday and got a ton of work done. My audio book is now uploaded everywhere and actually available for sale on Kobo. ACX will take longer to approve it for Audible and Amazon. I hope not too long, but I’ll let you all know when it’s out there. Kobo did a great job getting the book approved so quickly.

Anyway, audio stuff took up my whole morning, but after lunch I made it to my writing desk around 1:00 and managed 7! pages. All have left is the epilogue and book 6 will be ready to begin the editing phase. It’s a huge relief. I swear, this book fought me tooth and nail. I fear the next one will be the same as I haven’t the slightest idea how this series is going to end.

Something Funny

Hopefully you’ll find this as amusing as I did. When I checked my email this morning, the king of Burkina Faso had a business proposition for me. He offered me millions of his personal fortune, but I needed to send him money to pay bribes or some other rubbish. Frankly, I didn’t read the email that closely. In fact, I didn’t even know those stupid emails were still in use. Is there anyone out there that actually falls for this sort of scam?

So we’ll end with a preorder update. The Portal Thieves is up to 1,066. Thanks everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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