No Fiction Friday This Week

I’m sorry to say that due to a death in the family, I won’t be putting out an episode of Fiction Friday this week. Honestly not sure about next week either, but I’ll do my best. Thanks for understanding, James

May The Fourth Be Whatever

It’s Kind of a Sad Day.   So today is Star Wars Day. I used to get really excited since they’d have all the movies on all day long. But now I just don’t care and that kinda of sucks. Since Disney took over Lucas Film, they’ve done a lot of things I don’t understand. The way I learned to create my fiction was to focus on pleasing the existing fans while trying to find and bring in new readers with similar tastes. As far as I can tell, Disney just wants to get rid of most of the old Read more…

The Heart of Alchemy is Live

Hey guys,   Just a quick note to let you all know that the Heart of Alchemy is live on all the platforms. You can find the links here.   Thanks foe reading, James