The Army of Darkness Day 8

Morning everyone, I had another good writing day yesterday with 7 more pages added to the new novel. My stamina is also starting to improve and I needed fewer breaks in-between sprints. All good signs. Still taking it easy, but I feel like I’m on the road to recovery. Hope you all have a great Saturday. Talk to you tomorrow, James

Weekly Writing Update November 26 – December 2

Hello everyone, Remember last week how I said I had such a great Thanksgiving Dinner? Well, in addition to leftover turkey, I also brought home Covid. It went into high gear Saturday afternoon and kicked me in the ass for the next four days. Fever, body aches that felt like someone had taken a rolling pin to me, and almost no energy. Absolutely miserable. Worst of all, I couldn’t concentrate enough to write. Fortunately, the worst of it seems to be behind me for now. It’s morphed into a head cold and I still have little energy. I suspect full Read more…

The Army of Darkness Day 7

Morning everyone, I’m happy to report that I got my 7 pages written yesterday. I had to take lots of breaks, but I did it. At this point I’m basically down to the dregs of my illness, sniffles and low energy. I’m hoping they don’t feel the need to linger any longer than necessary. Nothing else to report since I haven’t left the house in three days. That’s also getting old let me tell you. Hope you all have a great Friday. Talk to you tomorrow, James

The Army of Darkness Day 6

Morning everyone, I was certainly glad to switch the title of this post from flue update to book update. While I’m still far from 100%, I did manage a solid 4 pages yesterday. It felt good to get back into writing. I did have to take more breaks since my poor brain refused to focus for more than a few hundred words at a time. I’d like to get back to 7 pages today, but we’ll see. Hope you all have a great Thursday. Talk to you tomorrow, James

Flu Update 3

Morning everyone, Well, it turns out my “flu” is actually Covid. I didn’t get tested or anything, but two of my family members that were at the same dinner did and they both have Covid, so I figure the odds that I don’t are pretty slim. On the plus side, and yes there is a plus side, my aches and pains are getting better, my fever is busted, and I actually got a decent night’s sleep last night. I’m really hoping I can get a little bit of work done today. Hope you all have a great Wednesday,. Talk to Read more…

Flu Update 2

Morning everyone, Well, I was way overly optimistic yesterday. I got absolutely nothing done and today isn’t looking much better. Still carrying a very low fever. Also, turns out two of my relatives that were at the Thanksgiving Dinner were diagnosed with Covid. Chances are that’s what I have too. Lucky me. Oh, well. Guess it had to happen sometime. All things considered, while it’s far from pleasant, I haven’t been nearly as sick as I feared I might be. Hope you all have a great Tuesday. Talk to you tomorrow, James