The Day - 7-5-20 - James E. Wisher

The Day – 7-5-20

Yesterday morning the handyman that takes care of my rental went over to look at the broken window. A window less than a year old mind you. Turns out it’s a complete loss and I have to buy a new one. The fiberglass had shattered in two places and one of the clips holding the window in place got snapped off. Frankly, not the result I hoped for. It’ll take a couple weeks to order a replacement that matches. I can’t wait to get out of the rental business. If by some miracle I can sell the house before winter, that would be ideal. Given the number of houses on the market locally, I’m not holding my breath.

After a depressing start to the day, I came back home and fixed pancakes for lunch. They were delicious. After an episode of MI-5, I got to my writing desk around 1:30 and managed 5 more pages.

So I finished the Clark Ashton Smith short story collection. Some of the stories were really good and others less so. The most interesting thing about it was seeing what sold back in the pulp era. Some of them surprised me and I have to assume that having a famous author helped them find a home. A magazine called Weird Tales seemed to be the most frequent buyer of his stories and that made sense given their content.

I’ve moved on to a Star Wars novel featuring Luke Skywalker. It’s written in first person POV, which is odd for one of these stories. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen another one written in that voice. It’s still good, don’t get me wrong. It just took me a bit of time get used to feel.

Anyway, time for preorder update. We smashed through 400 and reached 420. Thanks everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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