The Day - 7-10-20 - James E. Wisher

The Day – 7-10-20

So as I mentioned yesterday, my air conditioner died on the hottest day of the year. Happily, my HVAC guy got the parts he needed and came back in the middle of the afternoon and we installed them. I should say he installed them and I held a couple of very hot pieces of metal grating when he needed an extra hand. Nothing like working out in the sun when it’s ninety-five degrees and seventy percent humidity. Not that I needed the reminder, but it’s good to have an indoor job. The unit needed a new fan motor and a new condenser. I haven’t gotten the bill yet, but I suspect it won’t be cheap. And that’s fine. Everything’s working now, so I’m happy.

Despite my distractions, I got seven chapters edited, which isn’t bad.

One quick update. The print copies for The Hidden Tower and The Great Northern War shipped. Maybe when they arrive I’ll do an unboxing video. I’ve always wanted to try one of those.

In between working on the A/C and editing, I watched the new Tom Hanks WWII move, Greyhound. It was really good, though short for a WWII movie at only 93 minutes. Hanks plays a destroyer captain making his first run across the Atlantic guarding a supply convoy. They get attacked by a wolf pack of German subs. I won’t giveaway too many details in case you want to watch it yourselves. The best part for me was watching a show about a different part of the war. Usually WWII movies focus on the invasion or maybe the blitz in England. Seeing some of the Atlantic battle made a nice change of pace.

Finally a preorder update for you. The Great Northern Way is up to 520 preorders. Thanks very much for your continued support. I really appreciate it.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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