The Day - 7-9-20 - James E. Wisher

The Day – 7-9-20

So I just spent the last hour and fifteen minutes helping the HVAC guy work on my air conditioning system. Looks like I have two parts that are on the verge of dying, the fan motor and some other thing I can’t remember the name of. Lucky for me, my guy is great. He’s going to get the parts and will get it fixed this afternoon. Good thing too, since it’s supposed to reach 95 degrees today.

Okay, with that out of the way, we can jump back to yesterday. Another miserably hot and humid day. I had to make a grocery run. The driving wasn’t bad, but the store was busy. Everyone around here is really good about wearing masks. That said, it is seriously horrid wearing one in this weather. We’re still having random things out of stock, but there’s at least a steady supply of hand sanitizer now.

One fun thing about yesterday. For lunch, my mom and I went to sit down diner for the first time since the craziness began. It was nice. The food was pretty good and the staff very friendly.

When we got, home I started editing my novel. I got through I think three chapters, so not bad.

I’ve really been trying to focus on getting more people to use my direct sale Payhip store. When you see people getting canceled left and right because some random thing they said offended some lunatic on social media, it really becomes clear how much you need a direct connection to your readers. Thus this blog, website, and Payhip. If I can build up a big enough group willing to deal direct with me, I won’t have to worry about the inquisition coming for me.

Anyway, we’ll end with a preorder update. We hit 500 on The Great Northern War today. Thanks very much everyone. I really appreciate your continued support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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