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Software Issues

The Day – 9-20-20

Another chilly day yesterday, though nowhere near as bad as the day before. I decided to try an experiment I’ve been contemplating. My goal was to get Dragon Naturally Speaking for Windows to run on my Mac via Parallels.

The first part of the project went great. Parallels was easy to download and worked like a charm.

So far so good.

Next Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is where things went sideways. I couldn’t get the stupid download manager to work. No matter what I tried, it refused to download the software. After two hours of scouring the internet for a fix a said to hell with it and requested a refund from Parallels. They were great once again, processing the request in a few hours. Dragon, on the other hand, has to be done over the phone during normal business hours. We’ll see how that goes today.

So my final words of advice. If you need to run Windows software on a Mac, for the most part, Parallels is a good choice. If you need to run Dragon Naturally Speaking, get a windows computer and say a prayer. Maybe it will work and maybe it won’t.

After my morning of screwing around, I made to my writing desk around 2:00 and did some more editing. Unfortunately I didn’t get through the whole book like I planned. With any luck that will happen today.

I’ll end with a preorder update. The Portal Thieves is up to 1,137. Thanks so much everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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