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Why This Blog Is So Important

Cancel Culture and Why Having a Blog Matters

This post isn’t going to be a rant exactly, but I was reminded again why having a place outside of social media where I can talk to you all is so important. I don’t know if you saw it, but Kevin Sorbo, Hercules himself, had his Facebook page deleted along with all 500,000 followers, all his posts, everything. And I haven’t heard a reason why. Author acquaintances of mine have had their ads account deactivated at random, restored, then deleted again. Again with no explanation. As someone that basically makes a living online, stuff like this scares the hell out of me.

I’ve been messing around more lately with Twitter. I was thinking it might make a useful supplement to this blog for when I just need to post something short, but now I’m not so sure. Plus I don’t like tweeting all the time. I’ve revised my plan so that I’ll now just use it as an announcement service or to chat. Basically it will be hey, this new thing is out. Here’s the link. That sort of thing.

Of course, there’s always a down side to focusing on the blog. It’s an extra stop for people. If you’re on Facebook, for example, you probably check in at least once a day without even thinking about it. It’s a habit and all your friends and family are there already. It’s a one stop communication hub. If you stop by here, all you’re going to get is my news and updates. Which are important to me, but maybe not worth a daily check in for you guys. Without that daily check in, no habits are built.

My YouTube Channel

Anyway, that was a bit rambly I know, but I wanted to get it off my chest. I don’t want you to think I’m abandoning social media. I’m not. In fact my plan this year is to really focus on building my YouTube channel. I’ve been having a blast creating audio fiction with music and sound effects. I’m also posting the videos under the relevant short stories on this site if you want to take a look. I think I’ve done three so far plus part 1 of a fourth. I’ve only got 22 subscribers as I write this, but that’s a start.

I’ll end this post by thanking you for stopping by and reading it. I’m quite proud of my little corner of the internet and everyone’s welcome to visit and leave a comment. I read them all.

Until next time.


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