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Amazon At It Again

Time for another free speech rant.

Well, Amazon decided in its infinite wisdom to kick another controversial book off its book store. Not a new book either. This one’s been on there since 2018 with no issues. Then all of a sudden Boom! no more listing for you.

Now the book isn’t some screed by a random nut job, but a well researched work on the harms caused to children who go through the process of transitioning to a different sex. The author is a teaching fellow at a university.

Now, whatever you may think about the subject, personally I couldn’t care less what people do to their bodies, a book that discusses the dangers in a rational way seems like a useful thing to have for people exploring this issue.

But no, not on Amazon anyway.

The book is still available last I heard on Barnes and Noble. Though for how much longer, who can say.

Again, the point isn’t to argue about the pros and cons of this particular book, but to point out that when the website that controls about half of all book sales won’t let you sell on their platform, it’s a problem. And as an author, it’s a problem that scares me to death. That’s why it’s so important to be able to talk to you guys directly, through this blog and my newsletter and to do as much business as I can directly via Payhip.

Okay, Rant over.

Let me know in the comments what you think about Amazon banning certain controversial books.

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