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Green Lantern Vol 1 Review

The Day – 8-3-20

We had an unwelcome visitor in the form of the remains of a tropical storm pay us a visit yesterday. While it was nasty, we sustained no damage. I think the worst of it hit south of me. Which is fine. I need to deal with storm damage like I need a hole in the head. The worst of it showed up in the evening. I suspect the storm solved our low water problem, at least for a little while.

Obviously given the the rain situation, I didn’t do anything outside yesterday. That translated into a solid 5 pages of writing.

Green Lantern Vol 1 Review

Continuing our journey through The New 52 Green Lantern books, we come to the one staring Hal Jorden. This one finds the original Green Lantern without his ring and living a normal and rather unsuccessful life on earth. In space, somehow, the villain Sinestro has been reinstated into the Green Lantern Corp. His homeworld has been taken over by his former allies, The Sinestro Corp. and he needs help defeating them. Guess who he asks?

I won’t get into too much detail since I don’t want to spoil it for those of you that haven’t read the book. Over all the story of Vol. 1 was good. The art was okay. No where near as good The Green Lantern Corp which I reviewed earlier. Over all, if you’re a fan of Green Lantern, there’s no way you’ll want to miss Hal’s story.

I’ll end with a preorder update. The Great Northern War is up to 1,080 with 9 days to go. Thanks everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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