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Red Lantern Corp Vol 1 Review

The Day – 8-5-20

Another nice, quiet day yesterday. It was sunny with some leftover wind from the storm. While the rain perked up the grass, it also perked up the beetles. I picked about twenty of them off the little evergreen they like so well. Even worse, all the wind broke the trap off it’s post so I’ve got to fix that and hope none of the bugs escaped. Minor problems one and all, just the kind I like.

After a nice lunch and an episode of MI-5, I made it to my writing computer about 1:30 and managed 5 more pages. The new book is chugging right along at 25,000 words or a little over a quarter of the way done.

Red Lantern Corp Vol 1 Review

So of the four Green Lantern books, this one was my favorite. Probably because I thought it had the best art of the bunch. It focuses, obviously, on the Red Lantern Corp and their leader Atrocitus. Normally driven by mindless rage, he’s trying to find a greater purpose for himself and his followers. To do that he needs a second in command capable of thinking beyond the anger. Unfortunately, he immediately suspects the one he chose of plotting to overthrow him as leader.

I won’t go into too much plot detail, but suffice it to say there’s a lot of action, gorgeous art, and in interesting plot. If you’re following this area of The New 52, don’t skip this book. You’ll be glad you read it. I certainly was.

We’ll end with a preorder update. The Great Northern War is up to 1,102 with 8 days to go. Thanks so much for all your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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