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Captain Adam Review

The Day – 9-12-20

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Quiet, minimal distractions, and I finally figured out where this novel is headed. Hopefully I’ll be able to knock the rest of it out this week.

One thing I have noticed as I drive around is that the trees are starting to get red. The soft maples started a couple weeks ago, but now the color is spreading through the hills. We also bottomed out at 37 degrees yesterday morning. Not exactly hot. The cold season is coming, my friends, so stay warm.

After lunch and an episode of Car Masters, I made it to my writing desk around 1:00 and managed a much better 5 pages.

Captain Adam Review

So this series only lasted 12 issues. It follows a pilot chosen for an experimental project. If you know anything about comics, you’ll know that never ends well. Naturally something goes wrong and he gains nearly godlike powers. He tries to do the right thing with them and generally ends up making things worse rather than better. The first few issues as he was learning to use his powers were pretty good, but then it gets into time travel. I don’t usually like time travel stories. There are a few good ones, but generally they’re a mess.

As for this series, if you like the character or you like time travel stories the give it a look. As for me, it wasn’t to my taste. I won’t say it’s actually bad, since both the art and writing are perfectly fine. It just wasn’t my sort of story.

Finally a preorder update. The Portal Thieves is sneaking right up on 1,000. Another good day should get us there. We currently stand at 985. Thanks everyone.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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