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A Few Book Updates

The Day – 9-11-20

The news is always so depressing on 9/11 I tried to watch it as little as possible. Though to be fair, it’s been pretty depressing every day lately. As a small reward for myself, I fixed the first apple pie of the year. It turned out really good. I make it, I think the recipe called it Swedish Style. Basically you put your apples slices along with sugar and cinnamon in the bottom of the pie tin then cover it with a sugar cookie batter and bake until golden brown. The apples and the batter all cook together into a delicious, soft and crunchy whole. It’s also so much easier than making traditional pie crust, which I suck at.

That, along with lunch and an episode of Car Masters, took up my whole morning. I finally made it to my writing desk about 1:30 and managed 3 pages. Finding the end of this book is killing me, but I think I’ve finally got a bead on it.


  1. I went through the final typo check on The Chamber of Eternity. All I need now is the cover and it will be ready to go up for preorder.
  2. Tantor sent me samples from two female narrators to pick from for Escape from the Dragon Czar. They were both really good and choosing wasn’t easy. I think the end result will be really good.
  3. Also on the audio front. The narrator for The Hidden Tower is nearly done. Hopefully I can get that book up for sale by the end of next week. For all my audio fans out there, thanks very much for your patience.

We’ll end with a preorder update. The Portal Thieves is up to 965. Thanks very much everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow

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