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Audio Proofing

The Day – 9-13-20

Well, yesterday was a cold, wet, miserable day. It poured all afternoon and I discovered one of the gutters at the rental is plugged. On top of that I found two more windows that needed fixing. It’s a serious pain in the ass, but what can you do? It all needs to be dealt with.

On the plus side, I got the files for The Hidden Tower audio book. I’m not quite halfway through proofing it. So far it sounds really good and I haven’t found any problems. Hopefully I can get it finished and approved over the next couple days. Book 5 is also finished. I’m just waiting on cover art. With any luck that will be up this week as well.

After lunch and an episode of Car Masters, I made it to my writing desk about 2:00 and managed 3 more pages. Given all the distractions, that’s not bad.

Preorders on The Portal Thieves is up to 1,010. Thanks so much everyone.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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