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Batwing Comic Review

The Day – 7-27-20

Well, I got back to normal yesterday. That was a welcome change. The heat and humidity were less welcome, but it is summer after all. We hit 92 degrees here and heaven only knows how much humidity. When I went outside to water the flowers, a quick down pour chased me back inside before I could wage war on the beetles.

After a light lunch and an episode of MI-5, I made it to my writing desk about 2:00 and managed a solid 5 pages. Not bad and it felt good to get back on on track.

Last night I started a Vampire Hunter D story titled The Rose Princess. So far it’s another excellent addition to the franchise. I’ll do a proper review when I’m finished.

Batwing Comic Review

Speaking of reviews. I know I mentioned my ridiculous plan to read the entire New 52 era of DC Comics. Volume 1 of Batwing is the next collection on the list. It features a man who served as a child soldier in Africa before escaping. After a spell in an orphanage and as a cop, he becomes a vigilante and gets Batman’s attention. Batman offers to make him part of the Bat Family and offers him a high tech suit of armor. Not as powerful as Iron Man’s, but it gives him some cool tools. His first rest is stopping a serial killer named Massacre who’s hunting down Africa’s only team of super heroes, now retired. It’s an exciting story with good art and pacing. If you’re interested, I’d recommend it for sure.

We end as always with a preorder update. The Great Northern War is up to 887. Thanks for you continued support. It means the world to me.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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