Another Quiet Day - James E. Wisher

Another Quiet Day

The Day – 11-20-2020

Not a lot to report today. Everything was quiet, I did some writing in the afternoon, and that was about it. I did start a new light novel series, Death March to the Parallel World. I watched the anime and enjoyed it so I figured why not?

So far the story is pretty good. It follows the hero as he travels across a fantasy world helping people and generally finding trouble. He’s pretty overpowered, which is a standard trope of these stories. The fun part is seeing how each normal person suddenly transformed into a fantasy hero uses those new abilities.

In this series, the hero is pretty laid back. He doesn’t want to take over the world or anything. In fact, he’s afraid to use his most powerful spell. It’s an interesting take and I’m curious to see if there are any differences between the anime and the novel.

Anyway, I’ll end with a preorder update. The Master of Magic is up to 1489 with 3 days to go. Thanks everyone.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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