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New Plans for This Blog

It’s been a little over seven months since I began my experiment in daily posting. It’s been fun on days when I had something to say, but other days, when I just hung around the house and wrote, thinking of something to write about here was a pain.

So I’ve made the decision to cut back to only posting to when I have actual updates that I think you’ll find interesting. No more posts about my day or my pages written for the day. That was kind of boring anyway. I’l keep doing occasional reviews as well.

I’m thinking I’ll probably drop back to maybe twice a week. If there’s a lot happening, I might up that a bit. And I’ll definitely post at least once a week with general updates and items of interest. I hope you all will enjoy the new schedule. It will certainly be an improvement for me.

Now, speaking of updates, my narrator just posted the files for The Master of Magic Audiobook for me to proof. So I’ll be working on that over the next two or three days.

We also cracked 1500 preorders on The Master of Magic. Thanks everyone.

Talk to you again soon.

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