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Back To Normal

The Day – 11-29-20

Not much to report about yesterday. The weather was nice, probably the last nice day we’re going to have for a while. In fact it looks like we’ve got three days of rain to look forward to. Which is fine for me. With Thanksgiving behind us and the bulk of my Christmas shopping done, I plan to focus on writing.

The new Sci-Fi novella is coming along nicely. Though I should probably call it a Science Fantasy story. There are spaceships, wizards, demons, and cyborgs. Basically it’s the bastard cousin of Star Wars and Warhammer 40K. It’s really fun to write. My plan is to create a giant story world where I can set books during this big imperial shakeup.

One of my favorite series was Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The animated series, not the god awful movie. I love the idea of telling all these different stories staring different characters, but set with the Clone War as the back drop. You could tell any kind of story you wanted in that sort of setting. Really, that series could have gone on forever.

Anyway, I want to do something similar with my series. I hope you guys will give a look when I’m ready to publish. I know Science Fantasy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I’ll end with a preorder update. The Master of Magic is up to 1463 with 4 days to go. I’m hoping we can get to 1500 before Friday. Thanks everyone.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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