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Anime and Manga Under Attack

The Day – 8-2-20

I had a nice, quiet, Sunday yesterday, my favorite kind. We did have some storms come rolling through later in the day, but nothing damaging. We really needed the rain so I won’t complain. I made it to my writing desk around 1:30 and managed 5 pages. I also started reading the Green Lantern section of The New 52 Comics. I’ll have reviews for those over the rest of the week.

What is up with the censorship?

I don’t know if you all follow publishing, but I do and I’ve noticed an unfortunate trend. Anime and Manga has been getting attacked because people think the characters are underage. This is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. To start off with, they’re drawings, not actual people. No children were harmed in the making of these pictures. Seriously, the people attacking this style of art claim it’s exploiting children. It’s such a brain dead argument I hate that I have to talk about it rather than just having it be dismissed out of hand. As someone that wants to get his stories made into Manga eventually, watching it get kicked off of Amazon troubles me a great deal.

Another alarming trend is Japanese video games getting removed from Steam for the same reason. I don’t play many video games, but I object to censorship of it on principle.

There is a plus side. If the big retailers take this style of book down, people that enjoy it will be more apt to buy direct from the creators, which can only be a good thing. The more decentralized we can make sales and distribution of creator owned works of all types, the more insulated artist become from this sort of stupidity.

Don’t get me wrong. I get that this might not be your kind of thing. That’s cool. I love anime and manga, but not all of it. I personally find Shojo and Slice of Life style books tedious. And that’s fine. I just read something else. And that’s my advice for all the people out there bitching about Japanese style art. If you don’t like it, shut up, read something else, and leave those of us that do like it alone.

Okay, rant over.

Now for a quick preorder update. We reacher 1,020 on The Great Northern War. Thanks for all your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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