Weekly Writing Update Oct 16 – Oct 22 - James E. Wisher

Weekly Writing Update Oct 16 – Oct 22

Hello everyone,


Last week we met Robert Longridge, the cynical rogue with a gentle heart. Today we meet the love of his life, Blade.


Much like Robert, Blade had a rough life. She grew up in a bandit camp, her father was the leader and her mother an archer.


As a girl surrounded by rough men who liked to drink, she toughened up real quick. She killed her first man at the age of ten and never looked back.

The more she fought, the better she liked it. Soon she came to live for the rush and excitement of putting her life on the line. But when that rush faded, she found the rest of her life rather empty.

At least until a handsome ex-noble stumbled into her life.


She and Robert have been inseparable ever since and Blade as never been happier.


Find out what happens to Robert and Blade in book one of The Divine Key Trilogy.


You can get the ebook here. https://payhip.com/b/wrMoN

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Not comfortable buying direct? Totally cool. You can find all the preorder links on my website here. https://jamesewisher.com/books/shadow-magic/

Finally, the 12th episode of The Squire is up on YouTube. You can click here if you want to take a listen.

Talk to you next week.


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