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Using Evil to Defeat Evil

The Day – 10-14-20

Yesterday was a nice, quiet day. Aside from a quick run to the post office, I had no errands. I spent the morning editing The Heart of Alchemy. After lunch and an episode of Fastest Car, I made it to my writing desk about 1:30. The writing went well and I managed a solid 6 pages. Not going to lie, these sorts of quiet days are my favorite. No stress, no fuss, just work with no distractions.

Using Evil to Defeat Evil, a Trope

One common thing I’ve noticed is the idea of using an enemy’s power to defeat him. Usually it’s some kind of weapon or armor. Sometimes it’s the bloodline itself, Alucard in Castlevania for example. It’s a trope I really like, though if I remember right, I haven’t used it much myself. I do have a few ideas that are built around it, but when I’ll get to them Heaven knows.

So, in keeping with our demon theme, one anime series that uses this trope really well is Blue Exorcist. It follows the half demon Rin who is the son of Satan. He has the power to summon and control blue flames that can destroy pretty much anything they touch. His goal is to become and exorcist and defeat his father.

Through the course of the anime he grows in strength as he masters the blue flames.

In fiction, those of mixed blood like Rin often seem determined to defeat their evil parent. You’d think some of them would want to join forces with the evil side, considering how poorly they’re often treated. Note to self, that actually might make an interesting story.

If you you want to check it out, Blue Exorcist is a fun, action anime and it gets a recommend from me.

We end with a preorder update. The Master of Magic is up to 725. Thanks everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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