The Great Reading Challenge Day 75 September 13 - James E. Wisher

The Great Reading Challenge Day 75 September 13

Morning everyone,

So the phone call that’s never going to come, still hasn’t. I resume waiting today with bated breath. Over all yesterday went pretty well. I got a bunch of work done and had a nice walk once it warmed up outside. The weather has been absolutely perfect here. I love Fall. My favorite time of year by a mile. The trees are starting to turn as well, especially in the mountains.

Not a lot of news on the publishing front. I’m dealing with delays up to my ears, but nothing serious or long term so that’s not a huge deal. I just shrug and keep writing on my current project. Everything else will take care of itself eventually.

Update time.

Reading: Playback – 23 pages. This is an old Raymond Chandler novel and it’s printed on the cheapest, thinest paper I’ve ever seen. I had trouble focusing because when the light hits it just so I can see through to the back of the pages and the reversed letters make it look blurry The story is good though.

Writing: 7 pages on the new novel.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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