The Great Reading Challenge Day 74 September 12 - James E. Wisher

The Great Reading Challenge Day 74 September 12

Morning everyone,

I hope you all had an excellent weekend. Mine was quiet and much work got accomplished. Now I’m back to waiting for the phone call that will never come.

So yesterday while I was eating breakfast, I looked out the window and what should be hoping down the driveway but the fattest gray squirrel I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I think he’d been getting his nuts out of a snickers bar. He went right down the blacktop like he owned the place. Then, five minutes later, a white and orange cat comes walking along, right down the driveway, just like he owned the place. I figure the cat was after the squirrel but running really late. Either that or there was a meeting in my backyard that no one invited me to.

And that was the most interesting thing to happen all day.

Update time.

Reading: Reaper’s Eye – 53 pages and finished with the book. It was great. If you’re not reading Richard A Knaak, you’re missing out on some great fiction.

Writing: 8 pages on the new novel.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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