The Day - 7-12-13 - James E. Wisher

The Day – 7-12-13

Sorry for the delay getting this post up. My internet service crapped out this morning for about three hours. It seems to have stabilized for the moment so fingers crossed that the crews have everything sorted.

As for yesterday, it was mostly a day of editing. I did go to my favorite local diner for lunch and it was delicious, fried trout and home fries, yum. They had a pretty good crowd too, most of the limited seating was taken and they had to go orders as well. Outside, a chipmunk got into the maple syrup dispenser forcing the waitress to chase him away. Kind of funny.

I did get all my self-editing done in the afternoon, so now I just need to schedule a time for copy editor to take a look. I’ll be starting book 6 today or tomorrow.

So, I wanted to share a story with you. It shows why I’m trying to focus on direct sales. A light novel series called No Game, No lIfe has been pulled from Amazon. No idea why. I’ve seen the anime and found it pretty mild. I can’t imagine the books were any worse. It just serves as reminder of how easy it is for you to lose access to the biggest market in the world. Terrifying if you’re an author. Honestly, with everything happening in the world, I don’t know how people exclusive to Amazon sleep at night. Being diversified has done wonders for my peace of mind. Amazon is still my biggest market by far, but the others are perking up, as are direct sales. I hope to add Kickstarter and Merch sales in the next year. The more income streams the better at this point.

Anyway, I’ll end as always with a preorder update. We’re up to 571 on The Great Northern War. Thanks everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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