The Day - 5-21-20 - James E. Wisher

The Day – 5-21-20

Well, like some evil Decepticon, spring has transformed into summer. We hit the low eighties yesterday and today it’s supposed to be even hotter. Time to find out if the air conditioner still works. Knock on wood.

Yesterday was an interesting day and not in a good way. I had a package coming that I had to sign for. Now I don’t know if you guys have spent many days hanging around and waiting for a delivery, but it sucks. It’s hard to concentrate on anything and every little noise sounds like a Fed Ex truck. At the very least you’d think they’d give you a window smaller than by 4:30 PM. A window they hit with only an hour to spare I might add.

On the plus side, my electric bill came in around what I suspected it should be, so apparently I didn’t screw up my meter reading too bad. That was a huge relief let me tell you.

Despite the less than ideal situation I still managed 5 pages on the new novel.

So I was reading an article somewhere, I can’t remember exactly where, but probably in the news app on my iPad. Anyway, it was talking about how the networks were worried about having time to actually film their shows and get them edited in time for the Fall season. I know two of the shows I watch didn’t have time to film their season finales and ended up just stopping on the second to last show.

Assuming they don’t get the green light in time for Fall, which show will you all miss the most? My current favorites are Seal Team and S.W.A.T. I also figure at some point they’ll run out of episodes of Forged in Fire, another one I enjoy. Not that I’m worried about entertainment options running out. There are so many shows on Prime and Netflix I haven’t even put a dent in my to be watched list. Maybe I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Preorders for The Hidden Tower hit 249 yesterday. So close to 250. Many thanks to everyone. I haven’t posted the link it a while so here it is.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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