The Day - 5-20-20 - James E. Wisher

The Day – 5-20-20

A much quieter day than yesterday. Also perfect weather wise, 75 for a high, hardly a cloud to be seen. I wish I could sign up for a whole year of this kind of weather. But of course I can’t. Soon enough it will be hot and buggy.

One important thing I got done yesterday was the exterminator came and sprayed the house to keep the bugs out. He does it twice a year in the spring and fall and it makes a huge difference with the house flies. He also refilled the rodent bait outside. So that’s one spring project I can mark off the list. Still about a million more. I swear the to do list only gets bigger no matter how many things you mark off.

After lunch I got to my writing desk and managed 5 pages on the new novel. Not bad considering I took a 45 minute break to do yard work. It was just too nice to stay inside the whole day.

And that’s about it. Like I said, quiet. These are the kind of days I love. Few distractions, lots of sunshine. Oh, I also did the second day of pages on that drawing course I told you about the other day. I had to draw a figure without reference to see where I was as an artist. The answer to that question was about half a step above stick figures. It was still fun though.

We’re creeping up on 250 preorders. And while it isn’t a huge deal, I got my first ever preorder on Apple books. I know it’s just one sale, but it felt oddly good to get one there. Thanks to everyone that preordered anywhere and especially to whoever ordered that one book on Apple. You made my day.

Talk to you tomorrow

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