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Nate and Haze Movie Review

The Day – 7-24-20

So you’ll notice that I’m trying a different naming convention today. I got to thinking the just putting the date wasn’t very informative for anyone browsing my blog. I’ll try this new format for a while and see how it goes.

Anyway, yesterday was another slow, quiet day. Aside from going to war with the beetles infesting my evergreen, I didn’t have much going on. During the night some time, the turkeys paid me a visit and scratched the hell out of chunk of my lawn. It’s amazing how much damage a flock of them can do in one night.

Anyway, I made to my writing desk around 2:00 and managed a solid 5 pages.

Movie Review

After lunch I watched a movie called Nate and Haze. You can find on Amazon Prime for free if you have a subscription. It’s a fun swashbuckling adventure set in the South Pacific around the early 1900s. It’s got pirates and cannibals, sword fights and revenge. Everything you could want in an adventure movie. Oh, and a pretty girl in need of rescuing of course.

It stars Tommy Lee Jones as Captain Bully Haze. He’s been chartered to deliver a man and his fiancĂ© to an island where he plans to join his uncle and minister to the local tribe. The girl, of course, falls for Haze but goes off with her soon to be husband. I won’t spoil too much but suffice it to say that things go sideways and Haze and the husband, Nathanial, have to team up to rescue the girl.

If you like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you like this one. It’s great fun and a definite recommend.

We’ll end, as always, with a preorder update. The Great Northern War is up to 822. Thanks very much everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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