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Kind of a Weird Day

The Day – 8-7-20

So yesterday was one of those days where you think you know how it’s going to go only to find out that you had no clue. Of course me having no clue is nothing out of the ordinary. Anyway, the morning went fine, then after lunch a call comes and I end up having to make another trip over the mountains. Not a huge deal, one of the medical tests needed another sample. The trip only took an hour and change and it was another beautiful day which helped. Also, on the way back, I saw another deer, this one, happily, way off the side of the road.

Given the interruption I only managed 2 pages. Again, no big deal. Looking after a sick family member is far more important than my daily word count.

And speaking of writing, this book is taking a weird twist on me. Originally, I thought part one would only be around 20,000 words. It’s now creeping up on 30,000 and I still have a ways to go. I may end up just expanding it into a full novel instead of making it part of a longer one. I don’t know.

On another matter, I’m about a third of the way through the Iron Man novel I’m reading. It’s so strange reading books written before the movies and seeing what his origin story use to be. Apparently, Tony was originally captured by a warlord in Vietnam not Afghanistan like in the movie. Most of the details are the same, only the setting changes. Another odd things is that Nick Fury is still a white guy in this book. I can’t think about him without picturing Sam Jackson, so that’s weird. It’s also off to kind of a boring start. Hopefully things pick up in the middle.

We end, as always, with a preorder update. The Great Northern War is up to 1,156 with a week to go. Thanks everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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