Weekly Writing Update September 24 – September 30 - James E. Wisher

Weekly Writing Update September 24 – September 30

Hello everyone,


I’m delighted to announce that Audible has finally decided to approve The Pale Princess Audiobook. Every time I put one up for sale it takes a different amount of time to get approved. It’s very annoying.


What’s interesting is, if you’re Audible exclusive, you can set up a date for your books to go live. But if you’re not, as I’m not, you’re out of luck. A more cynical man might think they do it on purpose to try and convince you to go exclusive.


The car hunt is nearly over. My dealer found me a nice black Murano and I’m hoping to get things sorted out Monday. Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly.


You can click here to find all the links to The Pale Princess on my website, including the one for Audible.


Last but not least my first livestream went really well. 26 people showed up and asked questions. We had a nice one hour chat. I’ll be live-streaming again this Sunday at 4:00 if you’d like to stop in and ask a question. I’d love to see you there.


Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you again next week.



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