Weekly Writing Update May 14 – May 20 - James E. Wisher

Weekly Writing Update May 14 – May 20

Hello everyone,


Well the anthology thing ended up being a bummer. Turned out they didn’t pay, but offered royalty share instead. Anthologies seldom sell very well and dividing the royalties between however many writers were chosen plus the organizer meant not worth the effort for me.


On the plus side, I have begun my new Science Fantasy story. For those that don’t know, that’s basically wizards in space. I’m very much enjoying it so far. Hopefully you guys will too.


Now a special thank you to Sam Bryant and Lee Thompson who took the time to reply to my Kickstarter question last week. From the sounds of it, no one was interested in a T-Shirt. Stickers, a bookmark, and something signed were what interested them. The first two are pretty easy. For something signed, I was thinking of a hand addressed post card with the cover art on it. I’m still four weeks away from launching, so any more suggestions are welcome.


I also approved The Divine Key Awakens on Audible this morning, two weeks before the ebook goes live. How long to do you guys think it’ll take this time to get approved? Heaven knows with Audible.


The promo I mentioned last week is still running. If you’ve finished all my books and are looking for something new, there are over 100 fantasy and science fiction books to chose from. Here’s the link.



Finally, the 4th episode of Children of Darkness is now live on YouTube. You can click here if you want to take a listen.


Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you again next week.



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