Weekly Writing Update January 28 – February 3 - James E. Wisher

Weekly Writing Update January 28 – February 3

Hello everyone,

I got my first batch of test books from the printer and they tuned out to be a disappointment. The printing itself was fine and the cover images looked great. The problem was the packing and shipping. Out of 15 books I ordered, 10 of them were damaged. Some of the damage was minor, but I can’t send out a book as new when it has curled corners and scuffed edges. The printer has offered to make it right, so we’ll see how the replacements look when they arrive. I hope they’re awesome since I don’t want to have to upload my books to a second printer.

Now a quick question for you guys. I’ve had a few people asking me to set up a Discord server where fans can interact with me and each other outside of the weekly livestream. I’m working on it now, but the question I have is are any of you interested in joining me on Discord? I’ve never used it, but it looks a way to chat via text or voice. Please reply and let me know.

Don’t forget, I’ll be livestreaming on my YouTube channel this Sunday at 4:00 PM EST if you want to pop in and say hi. I’d love to see you there. Here’s the link. https://youtube.com/live/O72vWLhp0qg?feature=share 

Finally, the complete Soulbound Saga is up for preorder on all the ebook stores or you can buy now from my author store.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.


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