The Great Reading Challenge Day 80 September 18 - James E. Wisher

The Great Reading Challenge Day 80 September 18

Morning everyone,

I’m delighted to report that the rough draft of the new novel is done. I’ll finish the final read through this morning and this afternoon I can get started on book 2. I had a great time writing book one and I think you guys will enjoy it. Not that it’s going to be out right away, probably second half of next year. I plan to write the whole thing before I release book 1 and since I have no idea how long the story will be, that’ll take some time. Of course if it looks like it might be more than like 6 books, that will change.

Anyway, the delightful fall weather continues. I woke up to 45 this morning and had to run the space heater in the kitchen. Felt good let me tell you.

That’s about all for news. Hope you guys are have an awesome weekend.

Update time.

Reading: Playback – 20 pages. I spent most of the evening doing the read through on my new novel so I didn’t finish the book like I planned. Tonight for sure.

Writing: 9 pages on the new novel and finished the rough draft.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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