The Great Reading Challenge Day 77 September 15 - James E. Wisher

The Great Reading Challenge Day 77 September 15

Morning everyone,

Well, guess who’s still waiting for a phone call? Even worse, just to be safe, I’ve been answering the phone every time it rings. Turns out I’m qualified for a medicalert bracelet and I need a new warranty on my car which is still under warranty. It feels like every rip off asshole in the country has decided to call me this week. Oh well, maybe today will be my day. Not that I’d bet my life on it.

Other than the phone calls, my day went pretty well. We had a rainy start to the morning, but it dried out and I got my walk in. After a nice lunch of BBQ Chicken Tacos I got a lot of writing done.

Update time.

Reading: Playback – 0. I just can’t force my eyes to focus on that blurry text. I broke down and ordered the ebook version. I almost didn’t. They had the nerve to charge 12.99 for an 80 year old short novel. Thieves! : )

Writing: 8 pages on the new novel. I’m almost finished. I’d say another five days will do it.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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