The Great Reading Challenge Day 110 October 18 - James E. Wisher

The Great Reading Challenge Day 110 October 18

Morning everyone,

Yesterday was errand day. Happily it seemed everyone was taking it east after the weekend and traffic was light. That made fore a quick trip, but even so I was beat when I got home. I did sit down to try and write, but my brain didn’t want to oblige. It felt like gum and gotten in my story gears. Not unusual since it happens every time I get worn out. Anyway I ended up taking it easy in the afternoon.

Nothing new on the publishing front.

Update time.

Reading: 3 chapters of Mercenary Star. It’s starting to get interesting now which is welcome. Hopefully I can get focused and get back into the rhythm.

Writing: I forced myself to grind out 2 pages. Pathetic but better than nothing.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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