The Great Reading Challenge Day 100 October 8 - James E. Wisher

The Great Reading Challenge Day 100 October 8

Morning everyone,

Yesterday was the 100th day of the great reading challenge. As I look back I feel confident I can say it was a total failure. On the plus side, I have learned a lot about my reading habits since I started keeping track. It used to be that I would read anything and it would generally hold my interest. Now, if a book gets at all boring, I find it an absolute slog trying to force my way through to the good parts. On the plus side, if I find a book that hooks me, I can still get lost in them for hours, which is reassuring.

I’m going to keep posting here everyday since I really like chatting with you all every morning. Plus I really don’t like social media. I want to try and get everyone over here, though judging from my metrics, I’m failing miserably at that as well. : )

Update time,

Reading: Zip – too tired last night.

Writing: 8 pages on the new novel.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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