The Day - 5-18-20 - James E. Wisher

The Day – 5-18-20

So yesterday was a little bit serious. I’ll try to keep things lighter today.

Yesterday was another beautiful day in the north country. Mid sixties, sunshine, can’t beat it. After completing my standard morning duties duties and having a nice lunch, I went on my computer and visited kickstarter. There was a crowdfunder going for a drawing course created by an artist named Jason Brubaker, called cognitive drawing. I’ve always liked to draw, but haven’t really put much time into it lately. It’s a 90 day course focusing on figure drawing. It think it was only like twenty bucks for the tier I chose so I figured what the hell, maybe it’ll be fun.

With that done, I headed outside to pull an old post out of the ground. It used to hold our newspaper box, but the paper doesn’t do home delivery anymore so it was time for the post to go. Pick up truck plus a chain made the removal easy. A quick bit of raking and tamping filled in the hole and smoothed out the ground. Nothing to it. Plus it was just nice to get outside for half an hour.

With that done, I got down to writing. Managed five pages for the day, not bad at all. This novel is chugging right along. Which is great, but I don’t trust it. I’m sure sometime in the next 20,000 words I’ll run into a snag. Don’t know what, but something always happens.

Finally, preorders are up over 225. Hopefully we can reach 300 by the end of the month. Thanks again for your continued support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

I almost forgot, I saw a funny story online. In I think Wisconsin, the strip clubs have been allowed to reopen. The only article of clothing the girls have to keep on is their mask. I’m pretty sure it’s a real story and not a joke. : )

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