The Rise of The Demon Lords Kickstarter is Live!

Hey guys, As promised the Kickstart is now Live! If you’d like to back it and get early access to Conryu’s latest adventure or maybe pick up a signed copy, you can click the link. I’m really excited to try out this market and share my new story. I hope you all are too. Thanks for all your support, James

The Kickstarter Has Been Approved!

Well, I managed to get the Kickstarter finished and approved. Your can check out the preview here.  I’m planning to officially launch tomorrow morning. Supper excited to try out a new platform and I hope you guys are as well. Until tomorrow, I hope you have a great Monday. James

The Sanguine Scroll is Live

Just wanted to let you all know that the final book in the Portal Wars Saga is live everywhere. Except maybe Google Play since they can be oddly slow sometimes. But don’t worry, if you like to get your books there, it will be live by the end of the day. Thanks everyone for the amazing support. James The Sanguine Scroll

The Chamber of Eternity is LIVE!

Hello Everyone,   Just a quick post to let you know that The Chamber of Eternity is live on Amazon, Apple, and Kobo. If it hasn’t gone live on Google Play yet, it should soon. You can find all the link on its book page here. The Chamber of Eternity Book Page

The Great Northern War on Audible

Audiobook Updates As promised, I’ve got a couple updates for you all. First up, The Great Northern War has finally made it through ACX’s various checks and is now available for sale on Audible. Here’s the link. Second up, Escape From The Dragon Czar has been recorded by Tantor Media and will be available for on Audible on 12/17. For those of you that are interested, the preorder is live now. Here’s the link for that.   Writing Updates On the writing front, the last book in The Portal Wars Saga is out to the copyeditor. She’s supposed to Read more…