September 22nd Newsletter - James E. Wisher

September 22nd Newsletter

Hello everyone,


Just one more week until Malice goes live. Hopefully you’re all looking forward to Conryu’s next adventure. It was fun bring back on of my favorite villains.


On the Shopify front, I’m still waiting on the UK VAT people. USA, Australia, Canada, and the EU are open for business if anyone wants to take a look.┬áhere’s the link.


A couple of quick reminders.


If you’re interested in early access to my newest work, you can join my Ream Subscription. Here’s the link.


You can also listen to a number of my books for free on my YouTube channel


If you’d like to chat about books, and other random stuff, you can check out my Discord here. The community continues to grow and I really appreciate that.


Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you again next week.



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