November 17th Newsletter - James E. Wisher

November 17th Newsletter

Hello everyone,


Well, I have a bunch of boxes and envelopes sitting on the floor in my office looking rather sad. And the reason they’re sad is that I don’t have any cards to put in them yet. They are being printed, so hopefully soon. I’ll send a bonus email as soon as they’re ready.


In the mean time I hope you enjoy a preview of card two. This is based on the hummingbird dragons from The Dragonspire Chronicles.


Finally, since this is likely the last email before Thanksgiving I wanted to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday. May your turkey be moist, your gravy smooth, and your pie crust golden.


A couple of quick reminders.


If you’re interested in early access to my newest work, you can join my Ream Subscription. Here’s the link.


You can also listen to a number of my books for free on my YouTube channel


If you’d like to chat about books, and other random stuff, you can check out my Discord here. The community continues to grow and I really appreciate that.


Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you again next week.



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