NanoWrimo 2021 Day 23 - James E. Wisher

NanoWrimo 2021 Day 23

Morning everyone,

Do you guys know the only thing worse than going grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving? If you guessed going grocery shopping two days before Thanksgiving, you win. I did that yesterday. Not the most enjoyable thing in the history of the world. So many people, no room to maneuver. No lettice for the salad.

It took me until 7:30 last night, but I did get my words in, barely. 1,720 for the day and a total of 39,923. Still on track to hit 50,00 by the end of the month.

No publishing news to share.

I may or may not post in the morning. If I don’t, I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving.


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