May The Fourth Be Whatever - James E. Wisher

May The Fourth Be Whatever

It’s Kind of a Sad Day.


So today is Star Wars Day. I used to get really excited since they’d have all the movies on all day long. But now I just don’t care and that kinda of sucks. Since Disney took over Lucas Film, they’ve done a lot of things I don’t understand.

The way I learned to create my fiction was to focus on pleasing the existing fans while trying to find and bring in new readers with similar tastes. As far as I can tell, Disney just wants to get rid of most of the old fans and bring in new ones. They can’t seem to help dumping on the old favorites like Han and Luke. When they finally win back some goodwill, by bring Luke back at the end of the Mandalorian, they almost immediately flush it down the drain by firing one of their more popular actress, Gina Carano.

I don’t get it. But whatever, it’s their IP and they can do what they like with it. Including running it into the ground. As for me, I’m basically over it all. I still might watch something here or there if it looks interesting, but I’m no longer collecting and reading everything Star Wars related.

On a more positive note, I’m planning a Science Fantasy series of my own. Something I hope will capture the heart and excitement of what Star Wars used to be before real world politics started butting in.

I hope you’ll all join me when the time comes.

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