March 17th Newsletter - James E. Wisher

March 17th Newsletter

Hello everyone,


And a happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all. The leprechaun at the top was created with an AI Art Program that I’ve been playing around in. I’ve been using it to create character portraits. If you’d like to check them out I’ve been posting them in the Discord.


I’ve never been much interested in celebrating holidays, especially outside the major ones. St. Patrick’s Day, for example, is barely on my radar.


Maybe because I don’t drink. Though I do enjoy a shamrock cookie.


That said, I used to catch a lot of grief in school for not wearing green or red or whatever the color of the moment was. Everyone said I had a bad attitude.


Which, as a teenager, I did.


My attitude has improved over the years, though I still don’t wear green or celebrate much.


I do remember my mother telling me about how the paper mill used to dye the river green. Of course that wasn’t a huge deal since the run off from the mill stained it all sorts of colors year round. This was well before environmentalism became a thing.


Anyway, Hope you all have a fun day and an awesome weekend.


A couple of quick reminders.

The link to my newest book is below.


You can also listen to the book for free on my YouTube channel


Speaking of YouTube, I’ll be livestreaming this Sunday . Hope to see you there at 4:00 PM EST.


If you’d like to see the character portraits I mentioned you can check out my Discord here.


Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you again next week.



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