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A Small Success

The Day – 10-16-20

I had a busy day yesterday even though I barely left the house. In the morning, I finished the edits for The Heart of Alchemy. That will be going back to the proofreader Monday. I also wrote the script for my Friday video. While I’m not exactly crushing it with videos, my first one has just passed 250 views between Facebook and YouTube. It’s a tiny milestone, but one I wanted to share.

I remember when I published my first book and someone not related to me bought a copy. That was the most amazing feeling. It still is. I can’t believe how many of you amazing people read my stories. And I’m so grateful that you do. This is the first job I’ve ever had that I’m actually good at and you all make it possible for me to do it for a living.

Anyway, after lunch I made it to my writing desk about 1:00. Instead of getting to my story, I recorded, edited, and posted the video I mentioned above. That took about two hours.

When I actually got to the writing, I only managed 2 pages. Not great, but I’m trying to be consistent with putting out two videos a week. For three weeks in a row I’ve succeeded. Considering that when I started I felt like throwing up every time I sat down to record one, that’s pretty amazing to me.

I’ll put a link here to the new video if anyone wants to take a look. https://youtu.be/-E8r_H6wGJw

I’ll end with a preorder update. The Master of Magic is up to 775. Thanks everyone for your support.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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