Yesterday Was A Sad Day For The Writing Community - James E. Wisher

Yesterday Was A Sad Day For The Writing Community

Two Great Writers Died Yesterday

Yesterday morning I was reading the paper and what should I see but the obituaries of two amazing writers. The first was Beverly Cleary, the award winning children’s book author. I remember reading her books when I was in grade school. They were some of my favorites along with Dr. Seuss and those choose your own adventure path books. She was 104.

The second author that died was Larry McMurtry, the author of Lonesome Dove. To be honest, I’ve never read the Lonesome Dove series. From what I’ve heard it was very much a series you either loved or hated. The movies were great. Whatever you felt about the books, there was no denying how influential they were. He was 84.

It’s always a little depressing when the big names of your industry die. But I plan to keep writing the best books I can for as long as I can.

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