The Dragons’ Graveyard

The Dragons’ Graveyard

Whoever controls the dragons, rules the world

Series: The Dragonspire Chronicles

Steel City.

The slaver capital of Carttoom.

Yaz learns from his rescued friend that the villagers were sold at the Steel City slave market. And if he wants to learn to whom, he’ll need to infiltrate the headquarters of the notorious Slavers Guild and copy their records.

If that wasn’t hard enough, there are still bounty hunters on the group’s trail. Staying free themselves might prove an even greater challenge than saving the villagers.

While Yaz and his friends struggle to rescue the captured people of Dragonspire Village, the sinister Dark Sages are still had at work bring their evil plans to fruition.

The adventure continues in The Dragonspire Chronicles Book 3, The Dragons’ Graveyard.

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