The Complete Portal Wars Saga

The Complete Portal Wars Saga

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Long ago the world was ruled by six immortal wizards: The Arcane Lords.

Until one day they were betrayed by one of their own.

Now the people of the land once known as Etheria suppress, enslave, and in one kingdom even kill any wizard they find.

The best of these kingdoms is Garenland, where they only treat wizards a second class citizens.

Otto Shenk is the youngest son of a minor baron and a wizard.

Abused by his family and considered less than human by his kingdom, Otto does his best to survive.

But everything changes one day when Otto stumbles across a tower hidden deep in a dark part of the forest near his home.

A tower that was once the home of an Arcane Lord.

Otto’s life will be changed forever.

And so will the world.


The complete collection includes: The Hidden Tower, The Great Northern War, The Portal Thieves, The Master of Magic, The Chamber of Eternity, The Heart of Alchemy, and The Sanguine Scroll.

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