Weekly Writing Update July 23 – July 29

Hello everyone, I’m delighted to report that the Kickstarter is nearly finished with fulfillment. All that remains is the paperback tier and those have shipped from the printer. I’ll hopefully get them early next week, then I can sign and get them on their way to backers.   As a side note, I had to order more than I needed, so if any of you missed the Kickstarter and would like a signed paperback, please let me know. I think I’ll have five more than I need. I’ll know for sure next week, but I wanted to mention it now Read more…

The War in Audin Day 7

Morning everyone, I had a really good writing day yesterday, coming in just shy of 7 pages. I also got a shipping notification from the printing company saying the paperback copies of The Pale Princess were on their way. Hopefully they’ll get here early next week and I can get them packed up and shipped out. Once that’s done, the Kickstarter will be complete. It was a lot of fun and I’m excited to do the next one. Hope you all have an excellent Friday. Talk to you tomorrow, James

The War in Audin Day 6

Morning everyone, I got back on track yesterday with my usual 6 pages. The new story is progressing nicely. A character some of you might remember from The Chamber of Eternity makes an appearance, so that was fun. I also posted a new audiobook on YouTube. With any luck by the end of the day I’ll be up to 2,000 subs. That’s, frankly, a number I never imagined reaching. Many thanks to everyone that joined me over there. I’ve got plans for more fun stuff, so don’t miss out. Hope you all have an excellent Thursday. Talk to you tomorrow, Read more…

The War in Audin Day 5

Morning everyone, Yesterday was errand day so I only got 5 pages done on the new novel. On the plus side, all the Kickstarter postcards are in the mail. No idea whatsoever how long they’ll take to reach Australia, Canada, and the UK, but they’re en route at least. I hope to get back on track with my writing today. Hope you all have an awesome Wednesday. Talk to you tomorrow, James

The War in Audin Day 4

Morning everyone, I had a crazy productive day yesterday. In addition to my usual 6 pages of writing, I put a huge dent in Kickstarter Fulfillment. All the digital rewards are out and I’m mailing the the postcards today. After that all I need to do is send the paperbacks. When that happens, unfortunately, is dependent on the printer. Hope you all have a great Tuesday. Talk to you tomorrow, James

The War in Audin Day 3

Morning everyone, Busy day yesterday, but I still got my 6 pages. Enjoying the story so far. I also got an early start on Kickstarter Fulfillment. I did the two highest tiers and will start working on the rest today. Hopefully I can get all the digital rewards delivered today or tomorrow at the latest. Then it’ll just be a matter of waiting for physical items. Hope you all have a great Monday. Talk to you tomorrow, James