Science Fantasy Series Book 2 Day 0

Morning everyone, It’s time to start the next book in the science fantasy series so these posts will be resuming starting today. I finished rereading book 1 and it was a fun start to the series. Hopefully book 2 goes equally well. Not much else to report. The only other thing going on is that I’m testing posting longer audiobooks on YouTube. So far, that has proven to be a good decision for my views and subs. Talk to you tomorrow, James

Weekly Writing Update June 11 – June 17

Hello everyone,   Well, I had hoped to share a preview page of the new Kickstarter with you guys today, but thanks to some technical issues, I’m currently stuck in help desk hell. Hopefully we can get whatever the problem is fixed today, but I’m not overly optimistic given that it’s a Friday before a long weekend.   That said, if I can get the glitches fixed, the Kickstarter is pretty much ready to go.   As I hoped, the new Science Fantasy Story is complete. I’ll be moving on to book two next week, but I wanted to ask Read more…

Science Fantasy Series Book 1 Day 32

Morning everyone, Well, I finished the rough draft on book 1 yesterday with another 3 pages. I think it sets up the next book pretty well, but of course I’ll have to go back and tweak a few things before I start the next book in the series. But that won’t happen for a week or so since I have a ton of stuff I need to get caught up on. I also won’t be posting here until Friday when I put up my usual week in review summary. I hope you all have an excellent Tuesday. James

Science Fantasy Series Book 1 Day 31

Morning everyone, Well, I got my 6 pages yesterday, but it wasn’t enough to finish the book. I’ve still got two more scenes to write. Should finish it today no problem. I also got the final book in the new epic fantasy series back from my editor this morning, so I’ve got that to work on as well. So much work to do. I love it. Hope you all have an amazing Monday. Talk to you tomorrow, James

Science Fantasy Series Book 1 Day 30

Morning everyone, The string of nice weather continued yesterday. After a nice walk, I managed another 6 pages on the new novel. With any luck I think I’ll finish it today. I do have a bunch of other things I need to do, so we’ll see. Hope you all have an excellent Sunday. Talk to you tomorrow, James